For The February 2021 Cal Bar Exam. 

Update: No space available for Feb 2021. Next Opening: July 2021 CBX.

The following items are included:

40 graded essays. Includes 1-Hour and PT essays.

All essays include a 60-Minute Coaching (debrief) session for every graded essay (40 essays). (Value of $5,600)

The Cheat Sheet Templates. (Value of $79.99)

The 1-Hour 1440: Advanced IRAC Techniques ebook. (Value of $39.99)

Mastering the Performance Test and Webinar Replay. (Value of $59.97)

Total Package Cost is $3,497.00 (Market Value is $5,779.95, savings of $1,022.98)

Price for the program will then jump to $4,000.00 if space is available. 

New Testimonial
From Oct 2020 Cal Bar Exam

Bob Walker

JuraxBar.com – This is absolutely the best essay strategy and feedback on the market. Eddie Reyes has cracked the code on how to get a passing answer. I highly recommend his one on one tutoring. Start early because he is a one man band and his time is limited. However, if you can get 10 plus weeks of his time, you will definitely learn what the other tutors don’t teach. That is, how to focus on major issues. I learned from him that issue spotting is not the goal, the goal is arguing, counter argue, and rebut or support the counter argument on the major issues first, then clean up with minor issues. He will teach you how carve out the disputed element which is the fact or law upon which the case turns. He is not the cheapest and definitely not the most expensive. Excellent value IMHO.
Note: Bar Walker is a California Bar Exam Candidate who took the exam in October 2020. Results are pending.

Bob Walker

 If you wish to reserve a spot for the February 2021 Bar Exam, please message Eddie Reyes at JuraxBar@gmail.com

Thank you and best wishes. 

Payments can be made via PayPal. Email us at juraxbar@gmail.com to discuss your order.