For The July 2020 Cal. Bar Exam.

2 Options:

1) Pay-As-You-Go Option


2) Total Package for $3,200

(Limited Space For All Options)

(1) Pay-As-You-Go Option.

$50 to Grade the Essay Or

$120 For Feedback and Debrief Session. 

A debrief session includes the graded essay, feedback, and a 1-hour live session to review your essay.

Please allow a max 3-day turn-around time for submitted essays.

Only three (3) Spaces available. 

(2) $3,200 Option.

40 Essays. Includes 1-Hour and PT essays. Can customize as needed.

All Essays Include 60-Minute Debrief Session.

Please allow a max 2-day turn-around time for submitted essays.

Only 3 Spaces Available

Fee Schedule:

Initial Diagnostic of a Written Essay: $20

Price for  feedback for 1-hour essay or PT:  $50

Price for grading one 1-hour essay (or PT) with debrief session:  $120 Each 

Forty (40) Essays, 1-hour and PT:  $3,200.

Skype Session Consultations: $120 Per Hour. 

All terms are negotiable. When it comes to learning, there is no magic “one-size fits

all” formula.


Payments can be made via PayPal. Email us at juraxbar@gmail.com to discuss your order.