Civil Procedure Cheat Sheet Templates Ebook

By Edward Paul Reyes,Esq.


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Cheat Sheet Templates for All Subjects on the Cal Bar Exam 

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Writing in a lawyer-like manner is a skill!

We’ll help you develop that skill for success on the Bar Exam!

Cheat Sheet Templates Available Per Subject

Know the common and important issues that are tested on the Cal. Bar Exam. You can purchase each subject individually.



Advanced IRAC Techniques

Essential e-book to prepare for the 1-hour essays on the California Bar Exams. 

PT & 1-On-1 Session

Learn an efficient way to:

  • Spot the issues.
  • Focus on the Rules First.

 Duration of this session is 4 hours.

Eddie Reyes, Esq., SBN 330131
Welcome. After passing the California Bar Exam, Eddie right away wrote the book "1440: Advanced IRAC Techniques" Prior to that, he served in the U.S Marines. Eddie attended UC Berkeley where he majored in English Literature. He then earned a Masters in Education from UCLA. After teaching, he attended Liberty University School of Law. Education is his passion. He now tutors and publishes content to help others pass the exams.

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