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July 2001 CBX
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February 2017 CBX

Also, visit the State Bar of California’s site for Performance Tests. Here is the sample 90 minute PT that is released before the July 2017 Bar Exam is administered:

Sample 90-minute Performance Test for 2-Day California Bar Exam

As noted, these past essay exams are based on the California Bar Exam. But if you’re in any law school or studying for any bar exam in the United States, you can still use a substantial amount of the past essay exams found here. The content here also includes model answers.

There are seven subjects that are multi-state and use generally accepted fundamental legal principles as defined by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. These seven subjects also appear on the Multistate Bar Examination (“MBE”). Therefore, these subjects can be applied in any laws school or any bar essay exam. Here are the seven multi-state subjects:

1. Civil Procedure – Law Applied: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure;
2. Constitutional Law – Law Applied: United States Constitution;
3. Contracts/Remedies – Law Applied: Either Common Law or Uniform Commercial Code;
4. Criminal Law and Procedure – Law Applied: Varies between US Constitution, Common Law, MPC, and based on generally accepted fundamental legal principles;
5. Evidence – Federal Rules of Evidence;
6. Real Property – Law Applied: Common Law or generally accepted fundamental legal principles;
7. Torts/Remedies – Law Applied: Common Law or generally accepted fundamental legal principles;

Please note that some essays are California specific. It is highly suggested that the call of the question be read first. The subjects below are at times tested based specifically on California law (not an exhaustive list).

1. Civil Procedure – Law Applied: California Code of Civil Procedure;
2. Evidence – Law Applied: California Evidence Code.

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