1440: Mastering 1 Hour Essays on the California Bar Exam

Powerful Techniques for the Feb. 2018 California Bar Exam 1 Hour Essays. 

Step-by-Step Course To Develop Your Lawyer-Writing Skills For Success on the Bar.

The exam is evolving due to the new 2-day format. Know what to expect on the 1-hour essays. Also, know how to deal with these changes. I have taken the past exams and have reviewed them on YouTube. See the Jurax YouTube channel. I have also detected certain patterns. Read about it in this revised version.

Also, the IRAC approach is used . I have decoded the exam and have produced formulas that you can apply. You will see improvements in the key areas of: 


Issue Spotting

Major Issue Analysis

Approach to Non-major Issues


1440 essays cover Feb 18

The formulas will help you stay on course to ensure you a targeting the proper areas. Also, practical application exercises are included. 

Moreover, the hypothetical essay examples are from past California Bar Exams (property of the State Bar of California). Here are other concepts you will learn to master.

Timing techniques. 

Outlining strategies.   

Techniques to learning the substantive law. 

Techniques to approaching commercial outlines.  

It is in this text where you will develop effective lawyer-like writing skills. This is the beginning of your success on the bar. Let’s get started! 

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