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Performance Test


On The  Cal. Bar




E-Book is titled 1440: Mastering the


Performance Test

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Get the bundle. Each ebook is $19.99. But if you pay $49.99, you get


all 12 ebooks that cover all subjects tested on the Cal. Bar Exam.


Writing in a lawyer-like manner is a skill!

We'll help you develop that skill for success on the Bar Exam!


This program covers the written essays on the California Bar Exam! The focus will be on issue spotting and the analysis of the major issues. In particular, weak areas will be identified and suggestions for improvements will be made. 

1440 essays cover Feb 18


Essential e-books prepared for the 2018 California Bar Exams.

 (1) 1440: 1-Hour Essays.  (2) Mastering the Performance Test. (3) Remedies Cheat Sheets. Available now via e-mail.


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Learn an efficient way to:

  • Spot the issues.
  • Focus on the Rules First.

 Duration of this session is about 4 hours.



Eddie Bolshoy Theater

Eddie Reyes, J.D., M.Ed.

Welcome. I passed the February 2015 California Bar Exam. Right away I wrote the book "1440: Secrets To Passing the California Bar Exam." A quick background about me. I served in the U.S Marines. I then attended UC Berkeley where I majored in English Lit. I then earned my Masters in Education from UCLA. After teaching, I attended Liberty University School of Law. Education is my passion and I am now tutoring and  publishing content to help others excel on exams. When I passed the bar, the passage rate was 39.9%. I believe the passage rate can be at least 90% in California and any other state. Let's do this together!