Performance Test

Powerful Techniques for the Performance Test of the February 2020 California Bar Exam! 

Step-by-Step Course To approaching the Task, Issues, Rules and the Analysis.

Many do not do well because  they are unable to find the applicable rules. Also, many run out of time. This book strategically shows you how to locate the issues and rules at the outset while focusing on the key facts in the File. You will also find powerful strategies to accomplish the following:  

Spot the Major Issues

Spot the Major Rules

Timing Techniques

Present you analysis

“Just Find The Rules.” . . . Wt…?!

Bar candidates are almost always told to “just find the rules.” However, there is a strategy that you can apply to accomplish this. The reason many can’t find the rules is because they can be hidden in the form of the procedural history, the facts of the cases, and the holdings (to name some areas). 

Also, by the time the student does find the rule, they run out of time. Learn to use your time and energy to find these rules at the outset. Here are some of the other concepts you will learn. You will know to perform: 

  1. Techniques to approaching the cases. 

  2. Converting the Library facts to rules (or factors).  

  3. Writing techniques to ensure relevant content from the File, Library and your outline is presented to the grader.  

The strategies found here work best for students typing the exam. You will need to adjust the writing techniques for presentation if you are handwriting. Nonetheless, the techniques here are powerful and time-saving. Let’s get started.