1-On-1 Session For

Performance Test

This is a four-hour session.

We will meet on Skype.

Live exercises using Google Docs.

Contact Eddie to confirm availability at Price is $550.00 for this four (4) hour course. 

Hourly rates also available at $200 per hour. This is an ideal option if you already have a decent understanding of the content and want to focus on particular weak points. 

The Performance Test is worth about two 1-hour essays.

Maximize on points to pass the exam. 

Many do not find the rules. If they do, they run out of time.

It’s time to take it to the next level!

Eddie is the author of the “1440: Mastering the Performance Test.” However, key concepts and strategies were intentionally omitted. Eddie will share these with you.  

Price for this live 4-hour course is $550.00. Also, we can break down the sessions so that the 4 hours are not held on the same day. 

If you’re interested at the hourly rate, Eddie is available at $200 per hour.

Focus on The Rules First.

Once you have the rules, everything follows

Timing Techniques.

The PT is not designed to be completed in 90 minutes. Learn timing techniques.

Ideal for Those Typing.

Adjustments required for those writing. But the concepts are the same.

Contact Eddie to confirm availability at Price is $550.00 (or $200.00 per hour).