Cheat Sheets

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Topic must relate to the 1-hour subjects and/or 1-hour or Performance Test section. See terms and conditions below. 

Cheat Sheets For All the Subjects on the September 2020

California Bar Exam 1-Hour Essays. 

Highly tested issues and rules are included.

Examples are mostly from past California Bar Exam essay questions.


Get ebooks for the MBE Subjects:


Civil Procedure.


Constitutional Law

Criminal Law/Criminal Procedure


Real Property



Moreover, get the California specific subjects. Here is the list:


Business Associations

Community Property

Professional Responsibility


Wills & Trusts


You can preview a sample here:

Community Property


Bonus: This includes 1 hour of Q&A with author Eddie Reyes on the substantive law covered in the Cheat Sheets.

This is a limited time offer. See Terms and Conditions below.

Terms and Conditions. Session with Attorney Eddie Reyes may be done via Zoom, Skype, email, phone, or Facetime. The offer is valid until one year after the purchase. Please send us your email to confirm purchase. The length of the time of the session is based on a reasonable estimate depending on the amount of question or questions you may have. Also, the length of the hour may be performed in increments (versus an entire hour). Topics include the essay subjects and essay writing for the one-hour essays and the Performance Test on the California Bar Exam. These terms supersede all others as of 5/25/2020. All terms subject to change without notice.

Individual subjects are also available. See this link: