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Essay Grading


For The February 2019 Cal. Bar Exam.


A lump sum advance is not required.


I will grade your work and then give you written feedback. Also, there will be a 30 minute debrief session to go over your weak spots. This will be done live online using a shared document on Google Drive.  


Moreover, I may provide templates to help with your understanding of the substantive law and with organization. The bulk of these templates are only available to students receiving grading and tutoring services.

Fee Schedule (Prices Will Increase On November 20, 2018):


Price for grading one one-hour essay:      $50 Each 


Price for grading one Performance Test:  $60 Each


Skype sessions available on hourly basis: $100 Per Hour.


Essay Tutoring Includes:


  • A 30-minute debrief to go over weak points or other related topic for each essay you submit.  

Payments can be made via PayPal. Please enter an amount below. Email us at to discuss your order.