How I Lost 18 Pounds In Two Months

I began to keep track of my weight on September 8, 2014. At the time, my weight was 187 pounds. Before documenting my weight, I was in denial and believed my weight to be 173 pounds (a difference of 14 pounds).

I then became determined to lose weight after coming to terms with this reality. This article documents how I lost 18 pounds in little over two months. It is my hope that the reader will also embark on a journey where exercise becomes a lifestyle.

Furthermore, exercising is particularly important for those studying for the bar exam or for any student. I consider exercising as important as actually studying. When one exercises, it lets the mind absorb content while allowing the person to release stress. Other reasons for exercising include health and social benefits.

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The first picture was taken in September 2014. The second one was taken after the February 2015 bar exam.

I will start with good news. A person can lose about 20 pounds in two months. I know because this happened to me. Here are two key activities that I did: (1) I ran an average of five times a week. (2) I did not eat fast food (except for skinless chicken from Pollo Loco).

Although it may sound extreme to run five times a week, it is possible if one sees a benefit to the activity. Controlling one’s state of mind is thus essential. For example, I internalized the belief that I performed better in my bar studies by running. As such, I viewed running as a valuable component to maximize preparation. Even though I have passed the bar exam, I continue to exercise because it allows me to perform better in other areas of my life.

There is also news regarding weight loss that is not so magnificent: the last 10 pounds are the most difficult to lose. There is a plateau that one commonly hits. However, by the time that level is reached, most of the excess body fat is lost. In other words, it is much easier to lose the apparent body fat.