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Essay Coaching & Grading Services 

For Law School Finals Fall 2017. Multi-state applicable! 

Services Include the written essays on the 7 Multi-State Subjects.

The review and grading focuses on the analysis aspect of your writing. The focus will be on issue spotting and the analysis of the major issues. In particular, weak areas will be identified and suggestions for improvements will be made.

Comments can be made via email, Skype, and/or phone call. Also note that the graded essays can (and should) be submitted individually (versus a bulk submission).

Moreover, I may provide templates to help with your understanding of the substantive law. These templates are only available to students receiving grading and tutoring services.

See below for more details.

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Multi-State Subjects.

Services Include the written essays on the 7 Multi-State Subjects.

Here are the 7 Multi-State Subjects.

(1) Civil Procedure; (2) Constitutional Law; (3) Contracts; (4) Criminal Law and Procedure; (5) Evidence; (6) Real Property; and (7) Torts.


Includes: Free eBook titled Decoding Law School Essay - Advanced IRAC Techniques. A $29.99 value.

Additional Bonus.

Also Includes: Free 30 minute tutoring/coaching session before you submit the essay for grading.

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Fee Schedule:

Price for grading one one-hour essay:      $45 Each

One-Hour Exam Bundles:

Two One-Hour Essays:                                  $85 ($42.50 Each)

Three One-Hour Essays:                               $125 ($41.66 Each)

Four One-Hour Essays or More:                 $35 Each


The graded documents returned within 48 hours. However, the average time of return is within 24 hours.  


Payments can be made via PayPal. Please enter an amount below. Email us at to discuss your order.